Leave of absence

At any time during medical school, a student may require or request a leave of absence. To obtain a leave, please review the leave of absence policy in full. This policy can be found in the Policy and Procedures Manual listed on the Academic and Student Programs site. After careful review, please set up an appointment with your assigned counselor to discuss the attached leave packet. During the meeting with their counselor, a student will complete the Leave of Absence Request Checklist. This completed checklist must be signed off by the Office of Financial Aid regardless of whether a student receives financial aid or not. Once these steps are completed, a student must request a leave in writing to the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs.

If you are considering withdrawal from medical school, please see the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs. Withdrawal is a permanent, voluntary termination as a medical student instituted by the student him/herself. Students wishing to withdraw must submit a written request to the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, including in the request the statement that the student understands that withdrawal is voluntary and permanent. A student cannot avoid disciplinary action or academic hearing procedures through a request to withdraw, however, the Promotions Committee may allow a student to withdraw prior to the completion of such hearings or an action to dismiss. The Promotions Committee and the Vice Dean for Medical Education can involuntarily withdraw a student.

Leave of Absence Policies (PDF)

Leave of Absence Information Packet (PDF)

FORM – Leave of Absence Request Checklist (Fillable PDF)

FORM – Request for Medical Withdrawal