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  • Career counseling –doing a self-assessment is a great way to more fully understand your innate abilities and preferences. The office can provide guidance in specialty choices, information about the Careers in Medicine website and interpretation of the Myers-Briggs. The coordination of CV workshops and faculty advising is also handled through this office.
  • Crisis intervention – regardless of the stress of school, life still happens. If you find yourself unable to cope with school and your personal life, the counselors in our office can be helpful in referral to the appropriate resources in our community to get you both the medical and emotional support you need.
  • Supportive counseling – our counseling staff has mental health training and can provide supportive therapy when coping with all the demands of medical school feels overwhelming.
  • Academic advising – whether you are at the top or bottom of your class, academic support is available to help you develop the right study habits, structure your time and understand the best methods for test preparation and success.
  • Excused absences/leaves of absences – if you are unable to attend a required class or examination, the Office of Student Affairs is the place you must come to discuss your absence. Please refer to your Curriculum guide for a clear understanding of what types of absences are excused. The office also handles all leaves.
  • ERAS/NRMP guidance – during your MS 4 year the residency application process begins and ends. The Office of Student Affairs guides you through this process including the writing of the MSPE letter which accompanies your application.
  • Referral liaison – in addition to medical and mental health service referral, the office can also assist with referral for neuropsychological testing, substance abuse treatment, grief counseling, as well as other types of outside referrals.
  • Special Events – the Office of Student Affairs also plans special events for the school including the White Coat Ceremony, Match Day, Commencement and others.
  • Student Organizations - the Office of Student Affairs provide support for student organizations.


Lisa MacLean, MD
Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and Career Development

Michael Webber, PhD
Director of Counseling Services

Lynette Harper
ERAS Specialist

Counseling Staff:

Class of 2017 – Loretta Robichaud, R.N., M.S., N.P., C.N.S
Class of 2018 – Michael Webber, Ph.D
Class of 2019 – Kathleen Connors, LMSW, ACSW
Class of 2020 – S. Julian Dixon, Ph.D.

Counseling Hours and Scheduling:

Counselors are available Monday-Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.. To schedule an appointment, please call the student affairs receptionist at (313) 577-1463.